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Take Time To Think

Youth Ages 9-16

We all are faced with crossroads. The difficulty is deciding which crossroad to take. This workshop helps youth to consider strategic thinking at an early age.


Shows youth how a quick decision changes your life and the lives of those around you.


Youth also are taught that consequences can be good or bad yet, it always depends on the choices you have made.

Start Strong, Finish Strong, Stay Strong!

For Scholars, Educators, and Families

We all know that we want to finish a project, an exercise given or a school year strong and with the best grades and behavior that we can. Yet, we don’t take action on how that can be done at the beginning.


This workshop keeps all parties involved (calling on other layers as necessary) on a time schedule and

focused on what we want the end result to be.


Through various motivational and inspirational quotes and mantras the esteem of the scholar and the partnership that is formed with the parents and educators and NAC.

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