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Black children and teens are 14 times more likely than white children and teens of the same age to die by gun homicide.



Transforming Society

Not Another Child, Inc. (N.A.C.) was established in 2006 after the senseless killing of Andrell Daron Napper; a victim of a stray bullet that came from a gun being held by a 15 year old.


Not wanting his death to be in vain, Andrell’s mother, Oresa Napper-Williams, and brother, Justin Napper, knew that despite this tragedy, something had to be done to positively change and influence the lives of other families. Therefore, through their loss, Not Another Child was birthed. They created the not for profit with the purpose of helping inner-city families who are directly impacted by violence.

The anchor of our mission is to align our efforts so that they impact communities of color on a global level. Through programs, workshops and events, NAC provides reactive and proactive wholeness and healing through unconventional therapeutic support services to those that have experienced a violent and/or traumatic event.


Programs & Services


Out The Hood Project


King Ron Playing For Change Sports Program

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Heal, Recover,

& Grow


Brown Boys Book Club

Three Generations


Brothers, Uncles, Dads, & Sons Mentorship Program

Let's Rebuild Our Communities!

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